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Welcome ! 歡迎! 歡迎您來參加 !

Victory Baptist Church  Hua Lien , Taiwan


  Church side view  
     "I was glad when they
said unto me, Let us go
into the house of the

Psalm 122:1


Victory Baptist Church is located in Hua Lien among
the scenic grandeur  of the East Coast of Taiwan.
岸和壯麗的中央山脈旁 。

 "View the Sea and the Mountains"「看海看山」

Hua Lien Ocean side Rebecca Appreciation Certificate

At Victory Baptist Church it is a heart felt joy 
 serving the Lord Jesus in Hua Lien, Taiwan

Our Assistant Pastor, brother Job Gwoh, is handing the Children's Sunday School Director, missionary Rebecca Young, a church, "Appreciation Certificate," for her dedication and leadership at Victory Baptist Church for the last five years. Rebecca has been a shining example to the church in her duties as Children's Sunday School Director at Victory Baptist church and the Ladies Bible Studies at Victory Baptist Church and in other locations.

We would like to invite you to attend our services.

Sunday Morning 
主日上午 9:30~10:30
Sunday Morning
10:30~11:30 am

We are studying the
book of Genesis.
Please visit! As you hear the word of God it can encourage and strengthen your heart and family. "Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it." Psalm 119:140
  請來 !當你聽神的話語,它可能鼓勵和


Every month the church has an activity.  Everybody is invited.


Earthquake News !

On February 7, 2018 a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Hua Lien. Thus far numereous lives have been lost , a few buildings toppled, all of the city "shaken", and roads & sidewalks buckled. Both Sherry and I are safe. All of our church members are safe and only very minor damage to the church(many items on shelves, bookcases, pictures fell to the floor).There is no cause for alarm for us nor have we sustained any financial loss. We do thank the Lord for personal protection to us and to the members of the church.

Please visit our, “Blessings from Heaven,” Google YouTube Channel. On the “Blessings from Heaven” YouTube channel you can see and hear devotions and other material to help, and encourage, you, and your family.

請你看本教會的「從天上的祝福」 Google YouTube Channel. 在「從天上的祝福」 Google Youtube Channel 你可能將被看,聽,祈禱的教訓和別的教訓使幫住和鼓勵你和你的家庭。

Google YouTube Channel, "Blessings from Heaven."

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基督教勝利浸信會Victory Baptist Church.

教會地址 : 花蓮縣吉安鄉東海十街68號

教會電話Church Phone: (03) 854-9011

牧師電話 Pastor Cell: 0932-662412

Church Address: East Coast NO.10 Road; Gi An Suburb; Hua Lien, Taiwan

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