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Chinese & English Books & Tracts by Dr. Young 楊博士著作的中文和英文書本福音單張

 If any books are to be sent to the United States,  due to the cost of printing

and postage, a love offering, US$10.00 per book, is appreciated.

國內郵寄給人,請你奉獻200.元。感謝您 !

 "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." Philippians 4:17

我並不求甚麼餽送,所求的就是你們的果子漸漸增多,歸在你們的賬上。 腓立比書4:17

1 Thessalonians Chinese 2 Thessalonians Chinese Pastoral Epistles Chinese 1 Thessalonians English
Chinese Commentary on 1 Thessalonians - Spiral bound Chinese Commentary on 2 Thessalonians - Spiral bound Chinese Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles - Soft cover English Commentary on
1 Thessalonians - Spiral bound
中文版帖撒羅尼迦前書註釋 中文版帖撒羅尼迦後書 中文版教牧書信 英文版帖撒羅尼迦前書


2 Thessalonians English 1 Timothy Chinese 1 Timothy English Cover Revelation
English Commentary on
2 Thessalonians - Spiral bound 
Chinese Commentary on 1 Timothy Book  English Commentary on 1 Timothy
English Revelation Chapter 19-22
Commentary - Spirial bound 
英文版帖撒羅尼迦註釋   中文版提摩太前書註釋 英文版提摩太書註釋 英文版啟示錄第19到22章註釋


Trail of Blood    
Chinese - Booklet,
"The Trail of Blood," by J.M. Carroll
中文版 ,小冊書,‹ 血蹤 ›
卡羅博士  作


The Commentary (English only) on Revelation Chapter 19-22

目前啟示錄第19到22章註釋 [英文版] PDF 擋費免下戴便用。

Revelation Chapter19-22 Study.pdf

Revelation Chapter 19-22 Study (English) May 2017.pdf

Important Information.

In order to keep the cost of the books, and postage down, we are seeking churches, or book agents, in the Unites States to handle the books in the United States. This would include churches who would like to have our books included in their church website bookstore. Please contact Brother Young for further details: mailto: sy.maurice@msa.hinet.net



如果有教會喜歡使用我們的書或放在他們的教會網站,請與楊牧師連絡。mailto: sy.maurice@msa.hinet.net

Love Offering - From the United States

To send a love offering to the United States please use the following address and make out the check to the, "Central Missionary Clearinghouse," and write on the memo line: "For Maurice Young, Taiwan."

If you desire to give an offering by secure credit card, or online giving, you may also use the Central Missionary Clearinghouse 'Click & Give,' method at their website: CMCMissions

Central Missionary Clearinghouse

P. O. Box 219228

Houston, TX 77218-9228


To send a love offering to Taiwan please use the following information.


Taiwan GIRO 郵政 account.


戶名: 楊茂瑞

Address to use to order a book from the Unites States, or outside Taiwan:             Address to use to order a book on Taiwan:  

Dr. Maurice Young                                                                                           97353

P. O. Box 302                                                                                                   花蓮縣吉安鄉東里一街40號

Tai Tung, 95099, Taiwan                                                                                   楊茂瑞 收